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Embroidery Designs

Digitised designs are not available at this time. If you want a design that isn't listed in my album you can send me a link to the design you want; the full cost of the embroidery file will be added to the cost of your nappy. This design will be added to my album for future use so please do not expect exclusivity. Alternatively you could send me a JEF or PES file, this will not cost extra and will not be added to my album. Please use the design name in your customisations (including the number) and advise of any details for example substituting thread colours or applique fabrics.

The cost of a nappy with 1 embroidery design is $46.50.
Additional embroidery designs will incur a charge of $9.00 EACH embroidery design. 

I have split the embroidery designs into categories. As you can understand a lot of designs would fit into more than one category so please have a look through all the categories that you think would be suitable as I might have put a particular design into a different category than you would expect.












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