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Thanks for visiting my store, my name is Tracey - mummy to Douglas (cloth nappied 15 years ago in terry squares!!), Simon (cloth nappied in terry squares 14 years ago - yep that's 2 in terry squares at the same time!!), little Evie who is nearly 5 (the original Flattery model) and gorgeous little Daisy who loves her lovely fluffy nappies

I am absolutely passionate about our amazing planet and find ways every day to make just that little less impact on the environment. Of course cloth nappies are by far the prettiest way of doing so ;)

I aim to make each and every aspect of my life fulfilling - nothing done by me is half-hearted or done just for the sake of doing-cloth nappies are my passion and I hope to be able to create something truly special for you and your children. My nappies are beautiful but also functional. I am licenced to create from the Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern - DDU nappies have a great fit, and teamed with my trifold bamboo booster Flattery nappies are a high quality, functional cloth nappy tested to last 5 hours without leaks.

I am an extremely approachable person so feel free to make use of that link "contact us" and drop me a line - I'm more than happy  to answer any of your questions.
XX Tracey 

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